Copy a partition/volume with disk partition expert :

When will you copy a partition?

1. When you have a new disk, you can use copy partition to move data on the original disk to the new disk without manually copy and paste.

2. When you have bad sectors in you disk, you can copy partition to backup files and isolate bad sector area.

Steps to Copy Partition/Volume

  1. Right click to Copy Volume
  2. Resize partition on an unallocated space

Detailed Steps are as follow:

  1. Launch the Macrorit Disk Partition Expert to see detail information of partitions and disk.

  2. Select the volume that you want to copy, and then click Copy volume.


  3. Select the unallocated space to contain your source partition, and then click "Next".


  4. Choose new volume type you want to have. The default type is that of the original volume. And You can also resize partitions arbitrarily. Click Finish to add the pending volume copying operation.

  5. In the end, Click "Apply changes" button, the changes can take effect.
  1. Only the unallocated space could be selected as the destination place to contain the source partition.
  2. The size of the unallocated space must equal or larger then the source partition size