Write For Us and Get Free License

Monday, February 06, 2017 by Max

This is the fifth year of Macrorit products, during these five years, we added many more features to partition software, aimed to make it all-in-one disk managing program, although it's now 4.1.1 Version, we know that's not enough, we'll spend more time on creating new functionalities, so all stuffs from development dept. are work as one to the new goal. And the same goal for our editors' team, they will contribute more articles this year, but I asked more, so we're looking for new writers to write blogs for us.


Write For US

You can write product-related passages like how to use Macrorit's Resize Move function (just for example), or non-product-related articles on Windows Tips, skills, or bugs. Simply name them as how to use, how to fix, or how to (tips) is OK. We'll appreciate that if you:

  • Save the document as PDF file;
  • Add "Title" and "Description" paragraph at the beginning of the passage;
  • Give US a URL name, like file-name.html in the content;
  • Add more than 3 Screenshots or (and) video guide into the page;
  • The content contains about 700 words.

If we have the screenshot you needed on our website, you can directly use the link; you can also upload the video file to Youtube, and quote the link in your article.

Compare us with other partition manager

Some other partition software are out there, you can compare our software with them, both on the pros and cons, what we have and what we don't have yet, what's unique and what's in common, anything you have on your mind.

  • Speed of resizing and moving partition, free space or unallocated space;
  • Server down time when managing server disks;
  • The ability to restore data when sudden power-off happens;
  • There is portable edition or not;

All of them are good resources for comparison. When you finish this comparison, you can publish it on your own site, or just post it on your social apps,

How to apply

Send an email to support@macrorit.com with the subject Macrorit Partition Software Blog and include the following in your email:
  • PDF file;
  • Screenshot's folder (zipped);
  • Video's folder (zipped)
  • We redesigned the startup, do you like it? (YES or NO). :)

When we reviewed the content, we'll publish it with your name but we won't publish your email, and add links to other page when content keywords match database.

Of course, you can just send us the pdf file if you used links instead of files to display images or videos.

For comparison content, you can send us a link to your website or screenshot of Facebook, or other social networks. Or you can directly review for us.

What you get

Free License of Macrorit Partition Expert Pro Edition latest version (worth $29.99) or Data Wiper Pro Edition latest version, just let us know your choice in the contact email, we'll attach the license code when reply,