Add free space to C Drive

by Max / Tuesday, November 08, 2016 / PUBLISHED in Help

Windows 10 sometimes shows low disk space warning message on C Drive while other partitions have enough free space. Cleaning up C Drive might increase free space on C Drive, slightly, but the most efficient way is to add free space to C Drive and solve this system partition running out of space problem with ease.

Although Windows 10 has a great change on Windows 7, Disk management stays untouched, you still cannot move free space to C Drive and increase system partition size freely, the only option here is still to delete continues partition and make free space from it. So it's time to add free space to C Drive by using Partition Software.

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When C Drive in Windows 10 is showing red bar in file explorer, the fastest way to improve system performance method is to add free space from other partition to system drive without deleting anything on the original partition, Partition Software is here to help, follow the steps below and solve this problem with ease.

  1. Download Macrorit Partition Expert, 64 bit portable Edition is also available, and run it;
  2. Click one partition with much free space in, some may be D partition, some may allocate at the end of the disk, it doesn't matter, click the partition, and "Resize/Move Volume" to it.
  3. Shrink large partition and click OK to proceed, click C Drive and enlarge it with the same function.

If your free space allocates in the final partition, F partition for example, Resize/Move volume operation is able to move free space from the end of the disk to the head of it. All you have to do is simply drag other partition behind free space, and make free space right next to the partition you want to extend.

"Hi, i want to extend my C drive space. I have an 80.00 GB free space available i want to add this memory to my C drive. Can anyone help me? When i right click on the C drive in disk management "Extended Volume is disabled". Please help me. How can i do these free space to C drive"

Disk management cannot solve this problem unless you repartition the disk in it. Since Extend Volume is disabled in disk management, the 80.00GB free space must not locates right next to C Drive as unallocated space, it must be free space in other partition, so you can use Partition Software we mentioned above to move 80.00 GB free space to C Drive, while the rest of partitions stay as they were.