Change/Assign drive letter

by Max / Thursday, October 13, 2016 / Updated in Help

How to Change/Assign Drive letter using Diskpart Command line

Run diskpart command line by press Windows + R to open Run box, and type diskpart, press enter; and input the following commands to assign drive letter:

  1. list volume
  2. sel volume #
  3. ass letter= X, replace X with your drive letter;
  4. exit.

How to change drive letter in Partition Expert

1. Launch the Macrorit Partition Expert, you'll see all detail information of the partition and disk.

2. Right-click the volume whose drive letter you want to change, and then click Change Drive Letter.


3. Select a new drive letter from the list of available ones. To leave the volume without a drive letter, click Do not assign a letter.


4. Click OK to add the pending drive letter changing operation.

5. In the end, Click the "Commit" button, the changes can take effect.