How to Use Macrorit Data Wiper?

To follow the guide listed and test out the wipe feature, first you can download free disk wiper to begin with, then read the introduction of 6 different ways of wiping methods provided by the software and choose appropriate method to wipe.

  • Fill Sectors with zero. (Quick)
  • Fill Sectors with one. (Quick)
  • Fill Sectors with zero & one. (Slow)
  • DoD 5220.22-M (3 passes). (Very slow)
  • DoD 5220.28-STD (7 Passes). (Very slow)
  • NEW Peter Gutmann's Algorithm (35 passes). (Super slow)

No.1~No.3 write once while No.4 writes 3 times and No.5 writes 7 times. In particular,No.5 provides highest security level for data and requires 7 passes (hence, it is slow) which matches the U.S. Department of Defense standards (DOD 5220.28). It is also considered as the highest level of security wiping method. It erases hard drive data, so that no recovery programs can ever retrieve your sensitive and confidential data.

Generally speaking, if your data file is not that confidential or large, you can choose No.1 or NO.2, But If you want better effect of wiping, choose the other three options.

Now, let's begin to wipe a hard drive or individual files and folders permanently.

1. Launch Macrorit Data Wiper, all your disks & Partitions are shown in the main interface.

Disk Wiper Main Interface
  • In area 1, you can reload disk if you connect new USB drive or external hard drive to the computer.
  • In area 2, you need to choose one wiping method according to your needs.
  • In area 3, just click one target disk which need to wipe.
  • In area 4, you can select one partition that need to erase.

2. After confirming the target disk or partition, click "Wipe Now" button, in the new window, you have to type "WIPE" to start wiping. (Confirming the right disk or partition is very important, because all the data will be destroyed permanently beyond recovery)

Confirm Wipe

3. Lastly, the program will start to wipe.

Wiping Process

4. In the end, you got a "Not Formated" Partition, now you can use our partition software to format

not formated

For wiping system or boot partition, you need a commercial license.Check out the Upgrade Plan