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512b sector hard drive has a long history; it was the format standard in last century, but with the growth of pc industry and hard disk production, data capacity requires more in sector level, especially when large file data need to be stored. Decades ago, 512b sector works well in small file data storage, which is now still the best. But not that best when dealing with large data, on the country, a lot of space wasted based on the uncontinues storage theory. Thus, 4096b sector comes into being, also known as 4k sector, which is 8 times of the very old ones. It's not simply enlarges the capacity but make full use of each sector. you can find detailed explanation from Microsoft

Advanced Format, also known as 4k advanced Format, which rules current sector size of 512 bytes migrate to 4096 bytes (4k), this change improves format efficiency and makes HDD contribute bigger capacity, meanwhile, it improved error correction function. Hard disk with 1T or 3T capacity must use 4k advanced format standard in single disc

How to check SSD 4K Alignment

There are many hardware providers have released their 4k hard drives in recent years, but few apps know how to run 4k hard drives, much software in this field are not appear synchronously. Macrorit Partition Expert, is the manager of 4k hard drive

how to merge unallocated space to Drive C partition

Macrorit Partition Expert has SSD 4k alignment options when create new volume; actually, 4k alignment is one of our alignments among 512b, 1k, 2k, 4k, 8k, 16k, 32k, 64k alignment. Run our manager, right click on the target partition to see Sector Size

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