Difference between delete and wipe partition

Windows built-in diskpart tool has many commands to manage disk partition; the command "delete" is a way to make free space in it, not the real way to clean up partition, but a mark of "available" on the target partition, which tells the file system: "hi, my spot is free now; you can set files in my place". So Windows file system can read the spot and place new data in it. The "delete" command is enough for daily common use of file replacement, but with the rapid grows the pc industry, disks are reused in many fields, those of which requires second-handed hard drives for less cost.

Therefore, you just do the "delete" jobs, which can be easily restored by pc experts, will not make your data safe, is not safe. To wipe partition or disk, on the other hand, makes the spot unreadable and renders the data records have no chance of recovery. Disk P artition Wiper provides 5 different ways of wiping algorithms; of course, we have the one standard on U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), which overwrites the data up to 7 times. More times you want to wipe, more time will consume, less effect after 7 times. Each time writes all sectors one by one with bit patterns to ensure every bit of file stay clean.

wipe system partition warning message
Warning message shows before wiping system volume

So generally speaking, if you copy and paste partition, the theory file system goes is just like delete partition, both make the target partition place available, it has not reached the data secure level yet. Wipe partition is working directly on file system level, beyond data secure, so it aims to make a new disk for re-use with no old data in it. Hope it's useful on the two ways of disk management.