Macrorit Partition Extender

Quickly Extend partition with free space from the neighbor partition and automatically merge unallocated space to partition if it’s available on the disk, besides, there’s no need to manually shrink the partition and create unallocated space for extending partition, in most of the cases, you can extend the small-sized partition to larger one within one click

Partition Extender is able to:

  • Extend Volume
  • Shrink Volume
  • Merge unallocated space
  • One-click to max-extend

Built-in technologies:

  • Cancel at will
  • Data Roll-Back
  • Portable software
  • Fast Data Moving algo

Version: Updated

Partition extender


Shrink Volume

Automatically shrink the neighbor partition to get free space

Merge unallocated space

Automatically merge unallocated space to the partition ahead of it

Smart Extending

Extend partition with unallocated space first if it's there on the disk

Real-time preview

Preview the resize effect in mini disk-map when dragging the handlers

Compare Disk Partition Extender Editions

  • Partition Extender
  • Features \ Price
  • Speed of partition-resizing
  • Portable 
  • Support Windows Storage Spaces
  • Real 64-bit application on 64-bit Windows system
  • 4K Alignment
  • Cancel-at-Will Technology
  • Hard disk capacity
  • Unique One second Roll-back data protection Technology
  • 32-bit WinPE bootable disc 
  • 64-bit WinPE bootable disc 
  • Allow Commercial Use
  • Support Windows Server 2022/2019/2016/2012/2008/2003
  • Unlimited Usage in One Company
  • -

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