How to Use Partition GPT Disk Manager in Windows 10 / 7

by Jane / Friday, November 04, 2016 / PUBLISHED in Partition Magic Guide

Partition GPT disk manager is needed when you have hard drive capacity over 2TB, many people will install Windows System on SSD disk, and buy a hard drive to store data, since hard drive price is getting cost-effective, large capacity disk is widely used for data storage. If you want to install Windows system on GPT disk, you need to make sure the motherboard supports UEFI (EFI-boot n' BIOS-boot), or you'll get the error message "Windows cannot be installed on this disk. The selected disk is of the GPT partition style"; convert GPT to MBR is a solution but your disk can only be used for the front 2TB, so two disks (one for system, SSD is recommended; one for data, HDD / SDD) to for Windows running are welcomed.

GPT Partition Disk Utility


Create Partition on GPT disk is not a difficult job in Windows Disk Management and diskpart command prompt, but the simplest way to create GPT disk partition is to use professional partition software, Macrorit Partition Expert Free Edition, because this partition software can optimize disk, if you're create partition on SSD disk, you'll have better performance partition after using Partition Expert.

OK, here're the steps to create partition on GPT disk in Window 7, actually it's also applies for Windows 10 new partition creating:

How to initialize disk to MBR or GPT

1. Download Macrorit Partition Expert Free Edition, portable or install package are both available, install or directly run it;

2. Check the main interface, your new disk is not initialized, so right-click on the disk, click "Initialize" to go on;

3. In the initializing window, click "GPT" in the "Partitioning Scheme" box, and click OK to continue;

4. Now click on the unallocated space area, and click "Create Volume" from the operation column, now you can set your own Volume label, Drive letter, file system, cluster size and partition size in one window;

5. Click OK and Commit to initialize GPT disk and create partition at the same time

You can do the same operation on unallocated space to create more partitions in GPT disk, don't worry about the limitations of four primary partition on MBR disk, you won't see it on GPT disk.

GPT Partitioning Scheme:
short for GUID partition table, a part of EFI; supports disk capacity over 2TB, 128 partitions at most;
MBR Partitioning Scheme:
short for Master Bootable Record, supports maximum capacity with 2TB, four primary partitions at most or three primary partitions and one extended partition or more partitions;