How to perform a permanent HDD wipe

by Jane / Thu Mar 01 2018 / UPDATED in WIPE HARD DRIVE

When searching the method of permanently wiping an HDD, we can find the wikihow page shared many ways for different operating systems (Windows, MacOS, and Linux Ubuntu), all of which are helpful when you want to permanently erase hard drives and make them clean, but we do have alternative methods recommend when you don’t want or know how to wipe the drive through bootable media on Windows

Many data destruction software in this market will require a boot CD or USB to wipe everything including the operating system, but Data Wiper, with its unique technology, is able to wipe out the system when Windows is running, for users who don’t like the reboot, setting BIOS, and boot from USB method, Data Wiper can be a release.

Download Data Wiper first (you can just download the portable package if you don’t want to install the program to System), and run it from the 32-bit or 64-bit package, confirm when the UAC dialog shows, then Data Wiper will load the disk map in the main interface, before we start to wipe, please make sure you have a backup for the important files, the wiping process cannot be undone.

Data Wiper Main Interface

In the main window, there’re three sections, first of which is the function area, you can Wipe free space or Wipe the entire disk, we’ll choose Entire Drive on this page; the second section lists five different methods of wiping schemes, three of which (on the left side) are our own algorithms, one-pass overwriting, fast and recommended; the last section is the disk map of the computer, listed in the order Disk 0, Disk 1…if there’s only one disk on the computer, Disk 0 is displayed and shall be clicked for this article, since we’re about to wipe everything on the hard drive along with the Windows operating system

Wipe Entire HDD

Then click the large button Wipe Now and wiper will alert that the Operating system cannot reboot after wiped if the target disk, like below

Warning on Wiping operating system

Go ahead and click Yes and Data Wiper will then ask a confirm keyword to continue, type WIPE in the input box and press Enter or click Start to wipe the HDD

Type WIPE to confirm
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