How to prevent recovery of deleted files

by Jane / Tue Feb 27 2018 / UPDATED in WIPE HARD DRIVE
p>We already knew that deleted files can be easily recovered by any free data recovery software, since delete files by clicking the Windows Delete button just removes the reference of the file but keeps detail content behind in sectors, which enables data recovery programs to track and restore

Using Data Wiper to overwrite deleted files traces is an efficient way of cleaning hard drive, this data sanitation software is able to wipe free space and entire drive (entire disk or partitions) and it’s also a portable program with both 32-bit and 64-bit package. Download this program and we’ll show you how to prevent recovery of deleted files

Delete files traces (contents or details) are stored in free space, they’re not accessible by File Explorer or Disk Management, but invisible to Data recovery tools, Data Wiper, however, will overwrite those sectors with meaningless binary characters or other standard wiping methods like the DoD schemes.

Download Data Wiper and run it from the portable package to load the disk map on your computer, then choose the option Free space only in section one and choose a wiping plan in section 2 (although there’re five listed, the default one is good enough to wipe clean free space), then click on the partition where deleted files were stored

Wipe Free Space only

Then click the Wipe Now button and Data Wiper will ask you to confirm, go ahead and click OK, then Wiper will start to wipe the free space on the selected drive

You can also wipe the entire disk and reformat the partition for later use, but wiping free space is faster than wiping the entire drive, besides, the Wipe entire drive option will turn the space into Unformatted space after wiped, while the function Wipe free space only deals with free space, unused space and deleted space on the drive and the drive can still be used when or after wiping.

When we delete file using Shift+Delete to delete a file, Windows will warn us that this combination will permanently delete file, can we just use that to prevent recovering?

In fact, many data recovery programs claim that they’re still able to recovery shift+deleted files, so as for the purpose of this page, we suggest wiping free space after deleted.

The shift+delete method is more like to directly delete a file without putting it to recycle bin, it does the same operation like “Empty recycle bin”. Besides, you can copy some files to a new folder, and shift+delete it to see if any data recovery tool can recover it or not.

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