Delete a partition/volume with Disk partition expert

by Jane / Thursday, November 17, 2016 / Updated in Partition Expert Help
1. Delete volume
Right-click on target partition to Delete volume
2. Commit
Click OK to continue and then Commit changes


Here're the detailed steps on how to delete partition in Partition Expert:

  1. Launch the Macrorit Partition Expert, you'll see all detailed information of the partition and disk. If you want to check some terms related, here is the difference become delete and format. Now you can see the disk map loaded.
  2. Select the partition/volume that you want to Delete, right-click or use the guide operations listed on the left area to Delete volume.
  3. Click OK to add the pending volume creating operation.
  4. In the end, Click Commit button, the changes can take effect, then volume you deleted then will become an unallocated space, which you can use to extend partition or resize other partitions
  1. Supported Filesystem: FAT16 || FAT32 || NTFS
  2. Cluster Size: 512Byte - 128K,Smart choice cluster size
  1. press Win+R to open Run Box; > Type diskmgmt.msc to open it; or you can check this pic blow to open Disk Management
  2. Right-click on the partition you want to delete, click Yes to the confirm box.
  1. Press Win+R; Type Diskpart;
  2. List disk;
  3. Select disk 1;
  4. List Partition;
  5. Select Partition 1;
  6. Delete Partition Override

When you get familiar with command prompt diskpart, it's really faster to do disk management things without using mouse.