Differences between format, delete, cleanup and wipe

Many years ago, Format is always the last thing to do when we have no choice on how to manage disk partition low disk space problem in C drive. But recent years, especially the year when Windows 7 released, personal computer industry became thrive. Disk management software had their days back again. Nowadays, with the new Windows 10 installed, format is not the first option came up in our mind. We had better solutions.

Disk Management, on the other hand, the native partition manager meets some of your needs like create volume, delete volume, add mirror, etc. Extend Volume is available on some conditions, which we mentioned in other passage. Actually, what I'm saying is that there's a better solution for disk partition manager, which can entirely replace native Disk Management, Macrorit Partition Expert is the one I'm talking about.

Format: Encodes information for storage in a computer file - Wikipedia. Disk formatting, to be more specific speaking, is for initial use. See detailed explanations on Wikipedia page, or check Microsoft Definition of format

Delete partition: Create empty space that to be used for create new partitions -Microsoft

Disk Cleanup: Free up disk space on by removing unnecessary files like, compression of old files, temporary internet files, temporary Windows files, Downloaded program files, recycle bin, removal of unused applications or optional Windows components, Setup log files, cached page.-Wikipedia

Wipe Disk or partition: completely and permanently erase data on the hard drive or partition I think it will help in some way, now you can try the following guide.