How to Uninstall Macrorit Software

Wednesday, January 04, 2017 by Max

Macrorit Software is green and portable, so it's easy to uninstall them in a traditional way, which will be listed below:

1. Use Start Menu

Take Windows 7 for example,
Click Start > All Programs > Click Macrorit Folder (or press key M on the keyboard to locate folder initialized as M) > Click Uninsall;


Macrorit Partition Expert Server Edition now upgrades, create bootable CD ISO file in Macrorit is an easy job, we'll demonstrate how it works:

2. Use Control panel

All programs installed on computer can be uninstalled in Control panel, click it and
Choose > Programs: Uninstall a program > Right-click on Macrorit > Uninstall/Change;


Uninstall Portable Edition

Since Portable Edition of Macrorit didn't install to system, so we can directly find the folder, and press Windows Key + Delete to erase the program.


Of course, you can also uninstall Macrorit software in third-party software, like CCleaner for example.

Run the software > Click Tools > Click Macrorit > Click Uninstall.

When you clicked Tools in CCleaner, the default path is Uninstall option, all programs will then be listed, press key M to fast locate Macrorit program, and uninstall it.