SBS 2003 C Drive Keeps Running on Low Disk Space

by Kate / Sunday, November 20, 2016 / PUBLISHED in Partition Magic Guide

Windows SBS 2003, short for Window Small Business Server 2003, is famous among small companies for its great execution and capacities. When there's no partition software to resize server partition like partition magic, numerous SBS 2003 clients are disturbed by some normal issues on server. For instance:

  1. SBS 2003 runs slower without any reason
  2. System Partition is not able to store more files

It is safe to say that you are additionally troubled by these sorts of issue? Truth be told, these issues may be brought on by a typical reason – low disk space issue on SBS C drive, system drive. At the point when Windows Server C drive shows low disk space alarm, it will influence the execution of system and even cause system breakdown. Subsequently, low disk space issue can back off your PC, as well as it might bring about system breakdown or information misfortune. As you most likely are aware, Server working system can frequently store a lot of information. In the event that essential information get lost because of system crash when C drive keeps running on low disk space, you may feel very remorseful.

Extend Disk Partition SBS 2003 with Macrorit Partition Expert Server Edition

For low disk space issue specified above, Macrorit Partition Expert Server Edition gives the most solid technique to extend the system partition so you can dispose of this issue effortlessly. In the event that you get a kick out of the chance to introduce programs on your PC regularly, C drive tends to get full more effectively; Macrorit Partition Expert Server Edition is a good decision for you to enlarge the system partition before it runs on disk space. Additionally, you can likewise increase other existing data partition size when you needed.

Macrorit Partition Expert Server Edition has the mentioned preferences below:

  1. Works consummately on all Windows working system;
  2. Resize both system partition and data partition with FAT or NTFS document system ;
  3. Clients can finish the resizing effortlessly without rebooting PC;
  4. Resize disk partition without moving disk original;
  5. Will not damage Server system with its Unique Roll-back data protection Technology.

Before Resizing

NOTE: Backup files in some partition you're going to operate before resizing is suggested, although Macrorit Partition Expert Server has power-off protection, it's our responsibility to share this note.

Macrorit Partition Expert Server Edition, as the most advanced and effective partition resizing software, can help with C drive resizing in a very brief time. Each progression you perform on the product will be appeared in the "Pending Operations". In the event that you commit any error simultaneously, you can fix the operation. All progressions will be executed inside a few moments after you click "Commit" button. In this way, Macrorit Partition Expert Server Edition is the most efficient programming for partition resizing on your SBS 2003.