Windows Server 2003 Runs Low Disk Space

by Kate / Sunday, November 20, 2016 / PUBLISHED in Partition Magic Guide

Numerous Windows Server 2003 clients know minimal about Server 2003 OS. When they were introduced to a Windows Server system, they may only care about if it's convenient and performances good. So they may feel very baffled and defenseless when meeting such issue on Server 2003. Server Disk partition keeps running on low disk space is one of the fundamental issues that can occur on Windows 2003, so you may discover a considerable measure of posts on discussing about low disk space issue of Windows Server 2003.

Low Disk Space Warning on Server Partition

Not everyone is computer master, so every computer client may have distinctive arrangements when they receive low disk space cautioning on Server 2003. A few clients may don't consider low disk space cautioning as an issue because they trust it can be tackled essentially erase a few records from the disk. Notwithstanding, this arrangement may cause vital information misfortune.

What's more, system information cannot be erased or moved from here to there. A few clients would pretend not seeing this, which may cause computer runs slower and slower or even result in system crash. In this way, both of the arrangements above are bad thoughts.

A Better Solution for Extending Disk Partition with Diskpart Command

It is not a simple assignment to tackle low disk space issue on Server 2003, yet some Server clients can even discover an answer for this sort of issue. For instance, numerous Server clients might want to utilize "Shrivel/Extend Volume" function worked in Windows disk administration.

Lamentably, there are no such functions in Windows Server 2003 disk management, so a few clients recommend another workout, to use utility Diskpart command. Without a doubt, Diskpart command has the component of resizing disk partition, yet it is not valuable constantly. On the off chance that you need to utilize Diskpart command to resize disk partition, you have to know:

  1. Diskpart command won't work for server OS boot volume. Diskpart command is somewhat complex to perform while resizing other non-system OS partition.
  2. Diskpart command is accessible for data partition resizing. On the off chance that you need to extend the system partition or partition that system information is put away, Diskpart command cannot help.
  3. Diskpart command is just able to resize disk partition in NTFS file system.
  4. An unallocated space is required right close to the partition you need to resize.

Best option to Expand Server 2003 Partition

The most ideal approach to take care of low disk space issue is to extend the disk partition without touching even a solitary record on the disk, so Macrorit Partition Expert Server is the best choice to enlarge both system partition and data volume effectively with no information misfortune. It can resize disk partition in NTFS and FAT file system. Without altering the first information or reinstalling OS, you can resize a disk partition by a few mouse clicks. There is no requirement for rebooting your computer; Macrorit Partition Expert Server empowers you to resize partition in almost no time.

Computer is Running Slower gradually

Do you find that you require increasingly time to boot your computer? Do you find that your computer runs slower gradually? It may be difficult to find out exactly what slowing PC booting, however in the event that you receive low disk space alert on your system volume, it is necessary to extend the system partition at the earliest opportunity. At the point when a system volume is sufficiently full that no more files can be kept, it is the right timing of extending C Drive.