How to activate Partition Expert?

Mon Aug 20 2018 | by Jane

Some of our customers would ask us how to activate the program Partition Expert after downloaded the Free Edition, we’re very glad to hear from those emails, which means that our software is welcomed among users, expecially the paid eiditions, well, Thanks!

In fact, Free Edition can’t be activated, it’s Free, download and use, no need to activate, if you add that button, I think many people would be confused and say “why should I activate a free program?”, so we leave the “Upgrade” button here instead, click on it and donwnload the Pro Edition or the Server Edition, then in the main interface click on the Activate button like in the screenshot below

type license
Click 'Activate'

Then type in (paste in) the license from the email you get after purchased and click the **Activate** button, then you'll be prompted with the 'successfully activated' info window

type license
Input the license and click Activate

Then feel free to try and use this partitin software (before you click the Commit button, most operations are in the virtual mode state)

Try Partition Expert Pro Edition

Try Partition Expert Server Edition