Extend C Drive in Partition Extender

by Jane / Fri Aug 17 2018

The follow graphic shows how does Partition Extender work when using it to extend C Drive

C Drive
D Drive
Free space

(Hover on the bar to see the extend effect)

Disk Map explain:

In this disk map, C Drive is out of space, D Drive, on the other hand has free space on it, and after D Drive we have unallocated space (free space) followed

If we open our Disk Management, we’ll see the Extend Volume option on C Drive is grayed out, we can’t extend C under this situation because unallocated space is not next to C. If you don’t have unallocated space on the disk, you can shrink D Drive and then you’ll get the same disk like above

Extender extends C Drive
Extender extends C Drive

In Partition Extender, we’ll first use the free space a partition away from C Drive, the Free space area in the demo above, then if we want more, we can shrink D Drive by keeping on dragging the handle

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