Hide Partition from Windows to secure private data

I think you all know the importance of private data, which is also quite precious to some illegal companies or apps. Why is that? Your data may become Potential consumption, they can get your data without any prices

You already familiar with data backup, data recovery, that's commonly operated and of course, it's right, however it's not efficiency, the most Efficiency one is to hide your private data which can't be searched, spied, scanned or landed by virus. To hide is faster than backup or recover. Follow my steps:


1. Make some space for your data on a disk, if you already have one, go to step 2

2. Transfer all your private data to the space you just arranged.

3. Run Macrorit, all your partitions are listed; choose the one with data, click on the Hide Volume. Then you can't not find your data partition with volume in the list, instead of which a little star will appear.

the Hide Volume option in the sidebar

Or just right-click on the partition and select the same option

Right-Click to Hide Volume
the Hide Volume option in the right-click menu

When you want to modify or edit your data, Unhide Volume, see the followed picture

Unhide Volume
Unhide the hidden partition in Partition Expert

Note: the current system, boot partition can't hidden

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