Power off during partitioning, will data loss?

Situation: When you are doing partition operations, like merge, shrink, expand/extend partition, suddenly power off occurs, what will happen to your data?

When you do a resize partition operation before power off, the data went smoothly and continually from one partition to another or to an unallocated space. But it will become inconsistent when power supply suddenly goes off. The inconsistent state is not readable for most of restore software released. Data loss thus becomes inevitable.

So before partition, you should find someone particularly works on power off protection, Macrorit Partition Expert, is the one for you. Even when you plug out or just shut down power supply by force, the data in your target partition stays the very same as before.

Maybe I should say, the whole shirk partition or extend partition speed are too fast to face power off problem, or shall I put it in another words: The speed of resizing partition is so fast that I my sudden power off situation can't make it in time to interrupt partition. I hope I expressed it in a right way to make you understand.

I do hope I can post a screenshot on power off during partition, but how can that be possible, how to make a screenshot when power goes off on desktop. However, I did make a screenshot before force shut down, the result turns out not to be what I want, because the extend partition job is Done! Only seconds when I run screenshot short key!

At last, what I am saying is that, even when you face power off or force shutdown issues, the pending operation on shrink, extend, merge, resize partition will not make loss of data, of which will be the same as before, or they might be resized with flash speed before power went off.