How to Redistribute Disk Space in Windows 2008

When shall I redistribute disk space

When you buy a new disk or new pc, you have to arrange disk space to make data management; After days of using, the frequently used partition may face low disk space warning, that's the time when you have to split some free disk space to this partition. It often happens on system partition, show as C partition commonly. Because operation system is often installed in C partition, that's why we call it C drive.

If you don't distribute more disk space to the alerted partition in Windows Server 2008, the system will consistently alert you to do so. It annoying, besides, system performance will obviously slows down or force shut down if there's no more space for apppcations to run. It's necessary to redistribute disk space to Windows Server 2008, which requires more in performance.

Where can I find software to redistribute disk space

It is needed to find utility with resize/move partition features, because Windows Disk Management cannot do so. Disk Partition Expert is the one with disk managing tool, resize/move is included. In Windows Server 2008, the Expert with well performances and disaster-protection makes redistribution easy and safe. Download from here.

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What are the steps on redistribute disk space

Here are the detailed steps on how to redistribute disk space, with screenshots followed, you can easily find how to operate, actually, when you run this software, you already know the steps, the interface is easy to understand, functions are listed with short mouse click range. Try to it and you'll never see the low disk space bobble again. If you really familiar with our software, I think what I'm now describing will meet your needs: run the software; >resize/move volume on a large partition to make some free space, >resize/move the unallocated space to the near side of the partition you want to resize, >resize/move volume to finish the distribution.

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