Samsung SSD Data Migration Software Alternative

by Jane / Fri Oct 12 2018

Samsung SSD Data Migration software only supports data migration between its own SSD products, it doesn’t perform full disk migration, along with other limitations, some user starts to looking for an alternative program, Partition Expert Migrate OS Wizard would like to help

Here’s the limitation page from the PDF official guide, some of the hight-lighted statements are the main reasons driven people to the alternative

Samsung Data Migration Software Limitations

Those limitations can be summarized to:

  • Only support SSD as both source disk and target disk
  • Only support Samsung SSDs (limited series)
  • Cannot migrate OEM Drives unless its own OEM
  • Cannot migrate more than 2 Drives
  • Require hardware (main board chip drivers) and software up-to-date

And it will take 18 steps to reach the final step if you don’t meet any error in the process.

Need 18 steps to migrate

Partition Expert Migrate OS wizard, the alternative program, however, has the following features:

  • Support both SSD and HDD migration
  • Support both Samsung and other Brands’ hard drives
  • Can migrate OEM drives
  • Can migrate more than 2 Drives (as many as you like)
  • No requirements on main board chip drives versions

And Partition Expert only takes 3 steps to migrate, easy to understand and operate

Migrate OS Wizard in Partition Expert


Samsung Data Migrate Software is more like a file-migrate, or file-cloner, it only deals with data on the source disk, it will scan the drive first and ask you to filter files to migrate, that’s why it takes longer time than other backup software, what’s more, it doesn’t migrate the Operating system, if you’re about to switch to a larger SSD, you’ll have to reinstall the OS

Macrorit Partition Expert Migrate OS wizard and Macrorit Disk Clone Wizard will clone the entire disk and make the target disk also bootable, our Migration program deals with both the operation system and the data, it’s the disk-level backup, thus it’s faster than file-level backup. And there’s also another function call Copy Volume available for users who just want to copy personal stuff from one drive to another

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