Securely Wipe Free Space – No Recover Chance

Macrorit Disk Partition Wiper is safe disk management software to wipe hard drive free space securely, although it's called free space by Microsoft in Windows, it's not real free with nothing in it, without wiping disk space, records in free space might be recovered by pros, so it's necessary to wipe those records to protect your privacy and security.

1. Download Macrorit Disk Partition Wiper, install, run, then you have the interface as follow:

Wiper Main interface

2. Have a quick view, you get steps 1,2,3 in the windows, so we first choose wipe method: Free space only /Entire Drive:(All data will be erased); we choose "Free space only"

Wipe Free Space only

3. Then we choose wipe security level from Security.

Choose wiping plans

4. Then we select one partition to Wipe

Select Target to wipe

5. Wipe Now

Then Wiper will do the operation securely, although it's the screenshot in Windows 10, you can still use Wiper to wipe free space in Windows 7, 8.

Note: if you choose Entire Drive, it will erase entire hard drive for Free, since Wiper is Wipe Entire Drive Freeware, you can use this free software to wipe computer instead of delete entire hard drive to free up space on any partitions.

Wipe free space in SSD disk is another key feature Wiper has, SSD is now widely used both on laptop and desktop computers, most of which us SSD to run system, Wiper is able to wipe free space in SSD, so that you have a clean system managing clean partitions.

Steps are the same when wiping SSD free space, you don't have to choose SSD or HDD, Wiper will do the job for you as a default program.

Another key feature of Wiper is to wipe empty temp folders in Windows 10.

Free space in Wiper means all free space in one partition, no matter it's the free space you can see in the partition or the free space in any empty temp folders,
Wiper will wipe them all when you select Free space only.

Video guide on how to wipe partitions in Windows



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