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by Jane / Tue Jan 02 2018 / UPDATED in Partition Magic Server

Windows Server 2008 low disk space alert shows if you have not enough disk space on any of your partition, it often shows in system partition, the frequently used partition in every system. You can reinstall server system and distribute disk space again if you backed up files before wards. The whole time of reinstalling may take a whole afternoon on your weekend, and more if you backup and restore large amount of files. So turning to partition software for help is needed when time is not that much for server users…Read More

For PS or XBOX 360 game fans, they usually find a best solution to convert NTFS partition to FAT32 so that their game box can recognize the partition. Why PS3 and XBOX360 do not support NTFS partition? That’s probably a way to avoid pirate…Read More

Low disk space keeps showing at the corner is annoying every time we check in Windows Server 2003. As an administrator of server system, we’ll check in to see if it is running normal, but we get the warning message again and again, and it seems that this server is running slower than months ago. Strange thing is that I have plenty of free space on D Drive, how can I increase C Drive by decreasing D Drive?…Read More

There are actually make ways to free up disk space on Windows 10, in fact, most people had already made enough disk space to run Windows 10 when upgraded. Some people are looking for ways to distribute disk space after months of using when Windows 10 low disk space notification shows…Read More

Although we have known the importance of private info and we also know that the “Delete” button on the keyboard or “Recycle Bin” on the desktop don’t really make data clean, most of us performed a basic delete, yes, that’s to simply press “Delete” key or right-click to Delete or Drag the file to the recycle bin…Read More

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