Will Partition Expert Reboot Server?

Some of our Server users wrote to us and ask if resizing partition with Partition Expert will reboot the Server or not, because sometimes they don’t want to restart it if it has to restart, it there a way to fix this?

In fact, this situation is a little bit complicated, but we’ll make it simple like this: When Partition Expert can lock the volume, no reboot Server system. The following situations will not restart Server:

  • Extend Volume
  • Resize Move Empty Disk

To be more specific, extend the end of the partition with unallocated space will not reboot, the disk-map is like this:

C Drive Unallocated Space

You disk-map may vary, if you extend any partition with unallocated space followed, the Server system won’t reboot

What is like to resize move empty disk? Well, check the disk-map below:

C Drive Empty D Drive Unallocated Space

we need to move Unallocated space before D Drive, so we drag the entire D Drive to the end of the resize window like this:

C Drive Unallocated Space Empty D Drive

Then extend C Drive under this situation won’t reboot Server

Check the icon in the pending operation:

  • Checked means won’t reboot
  • Refresh means Reboot

To avoid rebooting, please do as follow:

  1. Install Partition Expert to C Drive, or run the portable edition from USB
  2. Close all the running programs and opening files before run Partition Expert

This should work, then run Partition Expert and Shrink a large volume from the head, then this program will try to lock the volume, if it successfully locked the partition, there will be a Checked icon in the pending operating, then Extend C Drive and click Commit

But if it still shows a Refresh icon, means Partition Expert can’t lock the volume, either because of some program from this partition still runs at the back-end, or accessions to some file are not disconnected, under this situation, we use this command to force lock the volume

chkdsk /r

Only once,

if it has to reboot, the Server system will only reboot for once, so we recommend you to reboot the Server after pending all the operations, for example,

if you’re about to extend C Drive with unallocated space from E Drive, DO NOT run the program twice to shrink E first, then close the program, then move D and Extend C.

Just run it, resize E Drive first, move D Drive, and then Extend C Drive, and then click Commit, then Server reboot to finish all the operations, for once.