Wipe free space for Shift+Delete files

by Jane / Tue Dec 26 2017 / UPDATED in Wipe Hard Drive

When Windows alerts you ‘do you want to permanently delete’ the file, have you ever thought that’s really permanent that no data recovery programs are able to get data back?

In fact, it’s not true, almost every data recovery software is capable of recovering Shift + Delete deleted files

When you empty the recycle bin or press the Shift key together with the Delete key, then press Yes to confirm the deletion, Windows just only deletes the head of the file or the references of file and mark the content of file or details of the file as unused or empty, so that new data can use this area and store new info.

Then how to permanently delete files, for real?

To permanently delete files we need an extra step to overwrite the content area so that nothing left there except for meaningless numbers like ones, zeros and their combinations.

However, tools with overwriting methods are not default tools in Windows, other third-party programs in this market can be considered.

Data Wiper

Data Wiper is the tool we’re using to permanently erase deleted files, the Wipe Free Space function is able to overwrite the deleted space and unused space with fast wiping schemes and government standard wiping methods.

To wipe deleted space we can do the followings:

  1. Click on the first option Wipe free space in the first section of Data Wiper’s main interface
  2. Choose a wiping plan, there are five plans built-in, with different wiping speed, the more passes specifies, the longer it takes
  3. Click on the partition you just used Shift+Delete on files

Then click Wipe Now and Data Wiper will ask for you confirmation, then type Wipe, the keyword or the command, to start.

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