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  • cmd_check_uefi

    Check UEFI in Windows 10

    There're 4 ways to check how Windows 10 boots: CMD, system info, Disk Management, and Partition Expert. Which is the best one?
  • main_functions_1

    Defrag Hard Drive

    Defrag Disk in CMD or Partition Expert .
  • extend-c-drive

    Extend C Drive

    Extend C Drive without deleting or formatting other partitions if I don't waste time on backing up data?
  • main_functions_3

    Format NTFS to FAT32

    How to Format NTFS partition to FAT32 partition in Windows 10, or how to convert NTFS to FAT32 without data loss.
  • Simple steps to resize partition

    Simple steps to resize partition

    With Partition Expert's help, you can resize partition in Windows OS with ease.
  • How to use Free Disk Scanner

    How to Scan Disk

    Free Disk Scanner, another Macrorit product, Checks Your Hard Drive Errors and Issues Easily.
  • Quick Extend Partition

    Quick Extend Partition

    Quick extend partitions without data loss while Disk Management fails to active Extend Volume option.
  • How to extend System partition

    Extend System partition

    Another example of extending system partition in Windows OS to solve low disk space problem