Extend C Drive VMware Server 2008

by Max / Friday, October 28, 2016 / PUBLISHED in Help

Extend C Drive in VMware Server 2008 with Partition Software when Server 2008 disk management Extend Volume greyed out. Partition Software – Macrorit Partition Expert enables you to resize C Drive or any other partitions without reinstalling server or repartitioning Server Disk.

Although Server Disk management in Windows 2008 had a great change in resize disk area, it still has limitations on extending partitions: continues unallocated space to C Drive is needed when you want to expand system partition. Partition Software, on the other hand, can be directly used to manage disk space with more freedom.


Steps to Extend C Drive in Windows 2008 R2 VMware

Step 1: Download, install, and Run Macrorit Partition Expert Server Edition; it's better to download this partition software from your real machine instead of VMware, faster, and you can also download the Portable Edition Partition Software without installation;

Step 2: Click D Drive, the partition with more free space in, and Resize/Move Volume to redistribute partition D's space, we'll shrink this partition in the resize window;

Step 3: Click the left handle on D partition, and hold the left mouse of the mouse, drag it to the right and make space unallocated;

Step 4: Click C Drive, resize it with right-handle dragging to the end of the partition, and click OK and Commit to confirm the resizing job.

Low Disk Space on system partition in VMware Server 2008

"In my Server 2008 system, installed on VMware, I have C Drive and D Drive, C Drive is now showing in red bar, while D Drive is still more like empty, system told me to clean up files in C Drive, I don't know how much that'll help, but I think I can move free space in D Drive to C Drive, so that I can have a larger system partition; I know disk management can extend volume, but it is greyed out on my server, how to fix?"

C Drive is showing Red Bar in File explorer means you have system partition running on low disk space, disk management is not a helper in this situation if you only want to move free space from one partition to another. You'll cost a lot of time to extend C Drive if you insist doing the job in Disk Management to solve the extend volume greyed out problem. Partition Software is the best option to fix this issue in your case.

Windows 2008 R2 Extend C Dive VMware

VMware helps you better knowing how Windows Server works without worrying any attacks happen to your system, but when you're providing services with your VMware server system, it's better not to manage disk space with only snapped in partition software.

Partition Software Macrorit Partition Expert will allow you to extend partitions without reinstalling server system, to move free space from here to there without losing data, what's the most important thing is that you don't have to reboot server system when redistributing disk space in Windows 2008

Resize C Drive without Reinstalling or Rebooting

Reinstalling might be one solution to solve low disk space problem in Windows Server 2008, but not the best one. Reinstalling Server System might cost too much and what's worse, some users don't have bootable Disc available after years of using. So problems like resizing system partition should be solved with professional partition software which can resize partitions, including system partition, without reinstalling or rebooting.

Besides, Macrorit Partition Expert Server Edition enhanced security level; you can even shut down your computer by force when resizing runs. With Unique Roll-back data protection Technology, Macrorit touches no data of your disk; data stay intact when using Partition Expert.

When shall we use Partition Expert?

As professional partition software, Macrorit Partition Expert can be used under many complicate situations related to the disk partition, here're some of the situations that show often in Server System:

  1. C Drive is running out of space in Windows Server 2008 R2 and Server Disk management "Extend Volume" option is greyed out;
  2. Diskpart command prompt cannot extend C Drive when you don't have bootable CD available;
  3. Other partitions have enough free space, but you don't want to delete any of them to make space unallocated for activating "Extend Volume" option in C Drive;
  4. VMware settings cannot add more space directly after C Drive to make "Extend Volume" option work.

Macrorit Partition Expert Server Edition suits all the situations listed above, it solves those problems with ease and fast speed, without deleting any partitions.