How to Resize Raid Partition In Windows Sever 2012

If you have many disks, you can use Raid Controller to combine them into a single large-capacity hard disk. Its speed is not simply 1+1+1+1=4; it's 1*2*2*2=8! That's why many windows server users use Raid Controller. Raid 0, Raid 1 Raid 3, and Raid 5 are commonly used. For more information you can check Microsoft. If Windows server 2012 raid disk partition contains that much capacity, how to partition resize?

Here are the detail steps on how to resize raid partition in Windows Server 2012:

  1. Run Macrorit Server edition, in the disk list,
  2. right click or click on left column, Resize/Move Volume,
  3. to adjust the size you desired by move both arrows,
  4. or directly type the size below,
  5. after this operation, you can see an unallocated space,
  6. right-click to Create Volume, (you can also hide the volume)Then the final step to Commit

by the way, all the operations before Commit are listed in the Pending Operations Column, which means you can cancel the previous operation (Ctrl+Z) at any time. Those operations we mentioned will not restart your computer. Safe, Fast and Conveniences are our goals.

raid disk partition

Tips might be useful: How to set RAID in BIOS

When all your disks are all plugged in, "Del" to BIOS interfaces, Hard Drive Mode, goes into Peripherals, then SATA Mode Selection, then RAID, "Enter" on the keyboard to confirm. F10 save and quite, restart. Some BIOS shortcut key may various, select the displayed one according to your personal computer. If you are can't make sure if its right. Search the mainboard information at its official website.