Copy Volume to Make Data Backup

Since it's a big data era now, data security becomes more and more concerned when daily data massive created. Those data might be personal data including photo, voice records, and video records, etc.; not to mention the data posted to social media, which grows with rapid expansion in recent years. Or data of enterprise daily, monthly, yearly reports on some business research, some of which are kept in printed pages, some of which stored in cloud service. Anyway, people are looking up ways to store data.

Sometime our data are stored in one partition with different folders, say it like, photo, video, documents, etc. it is an alternative way to make those files on cloud, or to be more safe concern, you can copy the whole partition to a disk you invested for data backup only. Could service is a popular thing in this new century, but the service is charged annually, it might also provide free space with limited time or size, local storage is the safest way to keep data. You must know that the Price/performance of a hard drive with 2tb definitely is higher than Cloud service paid by year.

For important files with large size, cloud storage is not enough, a particular partition or a brand new disk is required in case of any disaster happens. You can do it by using utilities or manually. Copy data volume is the easiest way to do backup. You don't have to login or out. You can deal with you data in your own partition and make a copy to that.

Copy Volume

Before you do the copy operation, check you disk to see if there's an unallocated space, where we kept data. Then click on the source partition, select Copy Volume in the left column, in the pop up window you can modify the volume size or just use the default setting to continue if the unallocated space is has larger space than source volume, then the whole space is copied to the space, at this time, the unallocated space become a new volume with drive a new drive letter. You can make more Partitions copied like this to store data.