Extend C Drive in Windows 10

by Jane / Saturday, 8 October 2016 / Updated in Partition Magic Guide

Extend C Drive in Windows 10 is needed after Windows 10 anniversary update, which fixed login freezing bug on August 31, if the patch they released this time cannot make your system boot faster or apps run smooth, then it must be the low disk space issue slows down new Windows 10 performance, it's time to Extend C Drive in Windows 10.

Extend C Drive Windows 10 without Formatting is a popular skill since partition magic software came into being, the software was originally developed by Power Quest, but provided neither service nor new versions since Symantec owned it.

Steps to Extend C Drive in Windows 10 without formatting

Partition Expert to extend C Drive in Windows 10 without formatting will take you only 3 steps, no formatting, no rebooting, no repartitioning, and no reinstalling. Steps are as follow:

  1. Run Partition Expert> Click E Drive, the neighbor drive, may be D: Drive, commonly Resize/Move Volume
    (That's to make some free space from it.)
  2. Decrease this partition by Dragging the handle on the head, make space in head area unallocated > OK
  3. Click C: Drive > Resize/Move Volume again: to extend C Drive with unallocated space from E Drive
    > Drag the handle on the end to extend > OK > Commit

The whole operation to extend C Drive will not format any partitions it's easy and fast to solve low disk space issue with Partition Expert.

sytem partition resize move

Extend C Drive Software Download

Extend C Drive in Windows 10 Disk Management, the snap-in partition manager, requires continues unallocated space to C Drive, that's to say, there should not be a partition followed C Drive, but unallocated space, so you have to delete D Partition, or E partition, the neighbor partition, to make space unallocated.

Steps to Extend C Drive in Windows 10 Disk Management.

  1. Run Disk Management by right-click on Start Menu, if Start Menu not working, check the link to fix it.
  2. Right-click on the Partition Next to C Drive > Delete Volume
  3. Note: Delete Volume will erase all the data in that partition, so make a backup on this partition, or use Copy Volume function in Partition Expert before Delete Volume

  4. Click Yes When "Delete Simple Volume" dialog box shows after your backup your partition.
  5. Right-click C: Drive Now > Extend Volume > Follow Extend Volume Wizard to Extend C Drive in Disk Management.