C Drive space warning and solutions

by Jane / Mon Feb 12 2018 / UPDATED in Partition Magic Server

When C Drive is running out of space, it will show the ‘low disk space’ alert at the end corner of the anywhere, so that you can click on it and clean up disk space by deleting temporary files or perform other operations, this method is helpful, in a short period of time, instead of consistently cleaning up disk, we can extend C Drive and solve this problem permanently, according to your Server system (2003, 2008, 2012, 2016, or 2019)

Maybe you have a 4TB hard disk installed on your Server 2003, but you may only allocate several GB to C drive when you divide the hard disk into a few partitions on your Server because you don’t think you will store much data to this drive. However, as more and more programs are installed on your Server, the space of C drive becomes smaller and smaller which leads you to an embarrassing situation – C drive is showing low disk space warning every time you boot your computer, while the rest partitions are still empty.

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Low disk space warning to C Drive on Server System may cause bad result especially when you’re providing services to small companies. Bad results mean poor performance, slow speed of reading and writing, and even crush server. So when you find low disk space alert shows in Your Server 2008, you should free up some space and extend System partition size for future use.

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When C Drive gets full, Windows Server 2012 system will come out an alert on of low disk space on it. If you are facing this problem now, you can use Partition Expert to extend system partition without repartitioning of reinstalling the system. Partition Expert work as partition magic tool to extend system drive by moving unallocated space to the right position first and then resize the partition, if there’s no unallocated space on your disk; you can shrink any partition and move the free space again. The partition magic software supports all Windows Server in both 32-bit and 64-bit Edition; therefore you can use this system utility to fix C Drive Low Space Problem in future use.

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