Low Disk Space on C Drive Windows Server 2008

Low disk space warning to C Drive on Server System may causes bad result especially when you're providing services to small companies. Bad results means: poor performance, slow speed of reading and writing, and even crush server. So when you find low disk space alert shows in Your Server 2008, you should free up some space and extend System partition size for future use.

So the situation now becomes: many users or many services online, server cannot be shut down or reboot, partition cannot be deleted (users are using folders in partitions). We are going to extend system partition, so diskpart command prompt cannot be used, disk management cannot be used (no continues unallocated space to C Drive). How to solve low disk space problem?

To solve low disk space problem, we should first free up space on Server 2008 system partition, do the following to free up C Drive space:

  1. Read your log files and delete useless information;
  2. Go through temporary files and delete unwanted ones;
  3. Go /program files/ to check if there's any not often used ones;
  4. Press Win+E to open file explorer and check C Drive is red bar or not;
  5. If C Drive is still red bar, Extend C Drive with partition magic software.

Mostly, clean log files and temporary files would free up lot of space on C Drive in Windows Server system, if you are still running C Drive in low disk space, it means you haven't clean system for quite a long time. So let's increase system partition size now and solve this problem.

Increase C Drive space in Windows Server 2008 steps are as following:

  1. Download, install and run Partition Expert Server Edition;
  2. Click on D partition first, and click Resize/Move Volume;
  3. Resize D partition to smaller size by dragging the handle on left side;
  4. Click OK to close this window, and click C Drive; Resize/Move Volume again;
  5. Click and hold the handle to increase C Drive space.
sytem partition resize move

Now we open file explorer again (shortcut key: Win+E), how about now? Is C Drive still red bar? Is low disk space alert disappearing? If not, extend C Drive with more space.

In fact, you can do more to make Server system run well in daily work, we connected some tips might be help:

  1. Check log files, backup log files to other location and delete local ones;
  2. Set temporary files' folder to other partition;
  3. Set default program files install path to logical partitions;
  4. Do not use server system as personal computer;
  5. Use Partition Software if necessary.

You can add more to this list and we will update this page too if we found more useful tips. Low disk space issue is not a big deal for partition software, but a tough job for disk management or diskpart.exe. If you don't have enough free space in D partition, make unallocated space from another partition and use move function to Extend C Drive. Partition Expert just makes partitioning a simple job.

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