Free up C Drive space on Server 2008

by Jane / Sunday, November 06, 2016 / PUBLISHED in Partition Magic Server

Need to free up space on C Drive in Windows Server 2008? Have you already tried to clean up unnecessary files on system partition, or delete temporary internet files? If you have already done that, and still can't fix low disk space warning problem on C Drive, you may try Partition Software to free up C Drive space, which can move free space from other partition to system drive and solve this volume running out of space problem permanently. We'll guide on how to use partition software to free up C Drive in Server 2008 R2 with video followed.


Windows Server Disk Management can resize server partition with Extend Volume and Shrink Volume options, but extend volume always greyed out when all distributed unallocated space to partitions; you cannot use Extend Volume option until you get space unallocated to the partition you're going to extend, which means you have to backup one large sized partition to external hard drives or put the backup file in the disk already have low disk space warning on one partition.

Diskpart command prompt, on the other hand, cannot extend system partition when server is running, so it's not the best option on solving low disk space problem on C Drive, nor the best way to free up system partition space. To locate unnecessary files and other temporary files manually will take much time and may cause to unwanted result. How about free up C Drive with Partition Software?

Free up space with partition software is an efficient way to redistribute disk space on server disk, especially helpful when low disk space warning message shows on C Drive, system performance will be improved after extending C Drive, the partition software we're talking about is Macrorit Partition Expert Server Edition, click the above link to download and run, and the detailed steps are followed on extending C Drive:

  1. in the main interface, click D Drive first; you can check the disk map on your disk, and find out which partition contains the much free space; click Resize / Move Volume to open resize window;
  2. this is the resize window, on the top of the window, it's the partition you just clicked, there're the handles on its edge, click one and hold, inward drag to shrink partition, outward drag to extend partition, when there's no unallocated space available, you can use inward drag to create some;
  3. After unallocated space was created from D partition, click C Drive and extend this partition, and click OK ;>> Commit to confirm.

When extended C Drive, Partition Expert will reload disk map automatically, you can check new C Drive with enough free space in and low disk space alert disappears; another way to check disk partition is to run disk management or diskpart command line, or just simply press Win + E to open file explorer, there's no red bar in C Drive any more.