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by Jane / Mon Jan 08 2018 / UPDATED in Partition Magic Server

Windows Server C Drive keeps filling up, is there a way to cleanup C Drive when it’s running out of space?

Yes, in the previous page, we shared how to move C Drive data to D Drive in Partition Expert, if you want to backup data before deleting unwanted documents, that method should work. But Copy Volume and Delete Volume are not the core function of this partition managing software, resize and move are.

Although Server Disk Management is able to extend volume with ease on dynamic disk even when unallocated space is not continues to C Drive, most Server administrators still prefer the basic disk, which on the contrary, requires the unallocated space must stay right after C Drive, or the Extend Volume option on C Drive will gray out.

Partition Expert, on the other hand, has no such problem, when you have shrank volume on D Drive and create unallocated space after D Drive, you can use the following steps to resize system partition full problem:

  1. Click on D Drive and choose Resize/Move Volume.
  2. In the opened resize window, hover on D Drive and the grad the entire drive to the very end of the bar, then unallocated space is moved to the head of the bar, click OK to close this window.
  3. Right-click on C Drive and Resize/Move Volume on it, drag the right-side handle to the end to extend C Drive. Click OK.

Then in the main interface click on the Commit button will apply all the operations. Reload the disk-map and C Drive is extended.

Screenshots guide on How to extend C drive

  1. Don’t have to be D Drive, other partition with enough free space can be used for resizing, the Resize/Move Volume function can be used anywhere on the disk.
  2. In the resizing window, there’s a mini disk-map, which will preview the effect of each resize or move on the partition.
  3. Besides the hold and drag method, you can always type in the specific number to resize a partition.
  4. Feel free to use the Copy Volume function to backup partition when needed.
  5. Consider replacing Server Disk Management with Partition Expert on daily disk managing operations.
  6. This solution works on Windows Server 2016, 2012, 2008 and Windows Server 2003; also applies to SBS 2011, 2008, and SBS 2003.
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