VMware Extend C Drive Windows 2008 R2

VMware Extend C Drive in Windows 2008 R2 is easy when you have unallocated space followed C Drive, but most of us will not leave space as unallocated after a new disk is added to VMware, so how to extend C Drive without deleting the partition to make space unallocated? Try Partition Expert Server Edition.

Steps to extend C Drive in VMware Windows 2008 R2

  1. Download Partition Expert and run the portable edition, so you don't have to install it again;
  2. Click on D Partition, the partition next to C Drive, or one partition with large free space available;
  3. Click Resize/Move Volume from the operation column, and drag the handle on the sides to resize volume;
  4. Move unallocated space next to C Drive, click Resize/Move again, drag the handle again to extend C Drive;
  5. The Final step is to Click OK and Commit.

Partition Expert runs smoothly when extending C Drive, how about diskpart command line and server manager disk management? Windows Server 2008 upgraded disk management with Extend Volume and Shrink Volume to better manage server disk space with limitations. You can always find out extend volume greyed out when you have all free space distributed and assigned drive letter. Why would Windows do so? Why doesn't it just add a handle in disk management, so we can resize partition at will when we want to?

Microsoft released Windows Storage Space program, so I don't think they will improve disk management in future, so let's turn to other system utility to extend C Drive when the following issues come up.

Windows 2008 R2 Extend C Drive Greyed Out

Extend Volume grayed/greyed out in Disk management is the common situation when you partitioned all the free space on your disk, Extend Volume is only active when continues unallocated space followed to NTFS partition, but disk management provides no methods of moving technology when you shrink partition and make space unallocated, so once Extend Volume option greyed out, you have to:

  1. Delete neighbor partition;
  2. Repartitioning;
  3. Reinstalling;
  4. Reload system with the previous snapshot;
  5. Try Partition Magic Server software: Partition Expert.

So next time when the Extend Volume option grey out again, use Partition Expert to extend C Drive, and make a snapshot, a backup, recover it when low disk space alert shows in your Server system.

Windows 2008 R2 Cannot Extend C Drive

Windows 2008 R2 cannot extend C Drive problem happens when you're using the diskpart command line to extend C Drive without bootable CD, that's to say, you have to reboot the Server and run diskpart in pre-os if you want to successfully extend C Drive.

How to make this success when running Server, because we don't have bootable CD for VMware Server 2008 R2, we don't want to pay much to solve C Drive running out space problem, nor do we'll cost an extra fee to New Windows Server 2012.

When Server 2008 cannot extend C Drive, you can try disk management we mentioned above by deleting the partition to make space unallocated and make extend volume active. Or you can try Partition Expert to Extend C Drive without deleting other partitions with fast speed and fewer steps.

Download Partition Expert to Extend C Drive in Windows 2008 R2 VMware.