After-sale FAQs

After completing the payment, you will receive a confirmation email in 1~5 minutes. (Remember to provide the valid and frequently-used email.)

The confirmation email and the program information (Download link, activation code, etc.) will always be sent to you immediately while you complete the payment. But sometimes it will be delayed for some unexpected issues such as system crash, email trouble. Please be patient and check your Spam folder.

Two Reasons may cause recharge: 1) You might clicked the payment button twice on the final confirmation page; 2) You may refreshed the payment page during processing. Regarding such cases, yes, we'd like to refund one order to you after your bill statement been approved.

Regarding such problem, you might be additionally charged. You may forget removing the “Extended Download Service” item in the shopping cart or you were charged VAT. You can learn the Regnow Tax Policy first and then check your order details through Regnow Order Lookup.

You can get the electronic receipt provided by Regnow through Regnow Order Lookup. For an invoice request, please directly contact Regnow account team and they will provide you the invoice.

Sorry you cannot cancel your order once the order is processed. Because of the automated way that orders are processed and fulfilled via platforms. If you insist on canceling the order for some reason, please contact our sales Dept. for refunding request.

Regarding the Freeware Macrorit® Partition Expert Free – Free forever, you can freely upgrade to the latest version as you wish.

For the other three program Macrorit® Partition Expert Professional, Macrorit® Partition Expert Server and Macrorit® Partition Expert Unlimited upgrading, you will pay a little upgrade fees to get the newest version.

Lastly, Macrorit® Partition Expert Technician, it provides the free lifetime upgrade service, that means you can enjoy every upgrade for free once you own this edition.

If you would like to enjoy an update, contact our sales Dept. with your order ID and other related information.

There are only three times download chances in 1 month. The download link will be expired 1 month later. If you missed downloading or failed to download through the link provided in the email, please contact us so that we can reset and provides you the download link.

Please specify the reason with details so that we will consider exchanging for you.

You could get a full refund in 3~5 business days if you provide us the accepted and reasonable reason. Please check Macrorit Refund Policy if you can get a full refund.

We do not provide phone support, but you can reach us by emailing us, or if you have trouble related to order, you can contact Mycommerce via

You can make a call to:

  • US and Canada: 1-877-353-7297
  • Inernational: 1-(952)645-5331