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by Jane / Thursday, October 20, 2016 / PUBLISHED in Wipe Hard Drive

Macrorit Data Wiper is data destruction software for Windows System (Windows XP and above), data destruction software is also known as data sanitization software; Unlike other data erase software requires bootable CD, you can easily wipe data without USB boot in Wiper, not only the data partition in your disk, but also for system partition (boot partition) wipe. After you installed Wiper on the disk you want to donate or get rid of, and click the disk and type "wipe", Wiper will wipe the whole disk data, including the program itself, so once you click "start" to wipe, you cannot reboot your computer, this disk is wiped to RAW disk, went back to factory settings.

Data Destruction Software Free Download

Data Destruction software Wiper rewires on the original disk with different level of security, it will wipe file system, erase partition table, and start to rewrite each sector with zero, one, zero & one, or US Department of Defense Directive 5220.22-M and NIST Special Publication 800-88.

Let's take a look at how Wiper works to destruct C Drive in Windows 10:

  1. Run Macrorit Data Wiper;
  2. Click "Entire Drive", choose Security level, and click C Drive;
  3. Click the big bottom "Wipe Now", and type "wipe" to confirm your operation;
  4. Click Start to Wipe;

Now you don't have system partition, and your computer cannot reboot again, if you dual boot your system, you can check that disk in other system, with software WinHex, you can find out each sector in C Drive was rewritten to "0", empty partition in C Drive Now. If you want to donate your hard drive, you can click on the disk, and click "Wipe Now" to wipe everything out of the disk without any chance of recovery.


Macrorit Disk Wiper ranked top 10 free data destruction software in, most of which are data destruction software with bootable disc or USB, but Macrorit Wiper can do the same job without bootable USB, what's more, Portable Edition is another feature to Wiper, there's no need to install it again when you want to destruct disk data.

"Macrorit Data Wiper is different than the above programs in that it doesn't run from a bootable disc. Instead, you must install it to your computer like you would a regular program.

The program has a very nice look to it and is super easy to use. Just select a hard drive that should be erased and choose a wiping method. Click the large Wipe Now button, type "WIPE" in the box to confirm you want to continue, and then click Start to begin the process."

As professional data destruction software, Macrorit Wiper Unlimited gives commercial license to enterprise that might provide wiping services to customers, so you can call Wiper as Commercial Data Destruction software too. In fact, you can download Wiper Pro + to manage personal data if you wipe data just for personal use. Pro + means you have free life time upgrade and email support on Wiper, and you have a zip file including: install package, portable package, both in 32-bit and 64-bit.


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