Erase Data before Selling Laptop

by Jane / Thursday, November 10, 2016 / PUBLISHED in Wipe Hard Drive

When you want to sell your laptop, it is wise to sell it as a clean one, leaving no trace to your original sensitive data. So how to erase everything completely without recover possibilities, how to factory reset the laptop you're going to sell? There're three things to do before selling laptop: backup personal data, wipe hard drive, and reinstall windows system. When you have these steps done, your laptop is clean and safe for you and the next owner.


Back up personal data

If you already have a new computer, personal data on previous laptop are photos, documents, videos or any other types of file; just put all of them in one partition, set folders to each type of data, and compress the folder, cut and paste them to new devices. Any external hard drive are OK, cloud storages are also OK, when you have your files backed up, you can wipe hard drive with data destruction software, please note that, delete files are not removing them, but mark the block as available for other data, it still can be recovered by professional tools.

Erase Data from the hard drive

Now you have a copy of personal files, so we can do the wiping step, go to our download page or click the download link above, download Macrorit Data Wiper, install it or just download the portable edition, popular downloaded edition; Run it, and your disk map is loaded automatically.

Click on the disk, and select security level, and click Wipe Now; type "Wipe" to confirm your operation and Macrorit Data Wiper will start to wipe the whole disk, and set the hard drive to RAW data, when it's done, you have a clean disk with nothing in it.

Another way to make a clean disk keeping system is to wipe partition by partition, and wipe free space in C Drive. By doing this, you can save the step to reinstall Windows System. Steps are: click each partition, and select on security method form the list, make sure you clicked "entire drive" and click WIPE NOW; after wiped each partition, we click "Free Space", and choose security method again, click C Drive, the system partition, and WIPE NOW;

This method applies to system which hasn't been affected by virus, malwares, or any other threats to system. If not, we can wipe the whole disk so that we can have a clean disk for sure.


Reinstall Windows system

Now reinstall Windows system with the bootable disc, or Windows system installer from USB drive. For Windows 8, and Windows 10 users, it's easy to erase everything and reinstall Windows, just go to PC setting; > General; > Remove everything and reinstall Windows; > Get Started and follow the prompt to reinstall.

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