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by Jane / Tuesday, November 01, 2016 / PUBLISHED in Wipe Hard Drive

Wipe free space is to make personal or commercial data safe, while simply delete files can be easily recovered by proper data recovery software. Put files into Windows recycle bin and donate your disk will make data really "recycled" by anyone. So before donating or recycling disk, wipe free space is needed, even after you emptied recycle bin and made no reference to original file, the actual data was still in the place.

"I purchased an external hard drive and have been saving various things including system backups to it. I got it a month ago and it's almost full so I'm returning it for a larger one. I want to make sure I don't leave any sensitive information on it, as I mentioned it has full system backups so that's basically everything. Is there a tool I can use the securely deletes the free space? The drive came with a few files that I'd like to leave intact -- but if that can't be done not my problem".- User from stackexchange.com

Wipe free space to make sensitive information safe and intractable is the best way to protect personal data from programmers; Besides, Wipe free space on an empty disk is another way to cleanup virus and malware fragments, free space with original track will be filled with "zero" or "one" in each cluster, you may find other security wiping methods here.

Wipe Free Space Freeware Download


Wipe Free Space Boot CD / Wipe Free Space C Drive

Disk / partition wipe software mostly requires boot CD, but Macrorit Data wiper will complete wiping mission without boot CD; not matter its wiping free space or wipe Windows system drive, Macrorit Data Wiper will wipe everything out with no chance of recovery.

Another shortage of Boot CD is that, reboot computer is needed, normal steps like wiping system in partition software is to reboot system first and do the erase step in command prompt. Macrorit data wiper will do the wiping when the system is running.

Wipe Free Space External Drive

Wiping free space on external drive is also widely used when you want to donate or get rid of older hare drives. When you plug in external drive, run Macrorit data wiper, in the main interface, wipe will load the disk map, click on the entire disk and choose a security method to wipe.

Hard Drives, SSDs, external drives, or SD cards for phones, any devices with partition table in, can be wiped by Macrorit data wiper completely. Wipe disk/ wipe partition/ wipe free space can be done with ease.

Wipe Free Space Freeware Portable

Macrorit Data Wiper Freeware has Portable Edition available, which can be run without installation; Portable Edition has the same functions with install edition, works perfect on 32bit and 64bit system. As data removal tool, there's no to take disk much space and installation package on a partition you want to wipe. The aim of using data erasing software is to make more free space safe and really free.

Portable Edition can be downloaded to portable devices, USB flash drives, external drives, or others; if you're running computing shop, or proving PC services to neighborhood, Portable Edition may best suits you.

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