Wipe Windows 7 hard drive resources

by Jane / Sun Feb 25 2018 / UPDATED in Wipe Hard Drive

Windows 10 has been released for about 2 years, yet there’re still many computers running Windows 7 since new computers are all installed to Windows 10, we can get rid of old Windows 7 computers after we wiped them clean, the following resources can be helped

Wipe Computer Clean in Windows 7 without disc is hard to understand, how could one wipe hard drive entirely when Windows 7 is running, I mean how to erase the operating system when you are running programs in it? Years ago, it may be difficult for software companies to wipe a computer clean without a CD, but now, with the help of Macrorit Disk Wiper, we can wipe the whole disk including System Partition without a disc.

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The best method to keep data safe it to wipe data, if you’re about to donate the computer or give it away. This page is about to wipe the entire disk with the software Data Wiper, which is able to wipe C Drive even when the operating system is running and other partitioned disks beyond recovery.

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How to wipe empty space on the Windows 7 disks, I deleted some files on my laptop, I knew they still can be recovered by any free data recovery software, even after I deleted them with the SHIFT button pressed, which means Permanently Delete according to Windows. I want to remove them for real, not the Windows way, how can I do or what program should I use?

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