Will SSD have bad sectors

by Jane / Fri Dec 22 2017 / UPDATED in Disk Surface Test

Yes, it will

Some SSDs ship with defective blocks (small amount) from the factory but marked as bad.

Quora user Baruch shared his answer like this:

SSD can have bad blocks and it takes care of this internally. The SSD removes them from usage and recovers the data when it can and moves it elsewhere to spare blocks it has. There is nothing to do with it as it all happens internally.

Reading the entire content of the SSD with the likes of dd or other simple disk scanning tools is sufficient to trigger this work. Good SSDs have their own background media scan (BMS) to do this automatically.

Although SSDs auto mark bad sectors, you can still use Disk Scanner to find locate them, if you have multiple disks installed on your Server system, Run Scanner once and get all the bad sectors on all disks.

Yes, Disk Scanner is able to scan all the disks at the same time, check the screenshot below, disks on the computer are displayed in cards, you can scan all and stop all scanning, or just scan single disk, besides, you can scan specific area.