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    How to Secure Confidential Data of Companies' hard drives

    It is extremely important to protect the sensitive and confidential data created and stored by large corporations, small and medium-sized businesses, academic institutions and the federal government. So knowing how to secure confidential data before actually picking up one agency to service them becomes the prime job for companies.

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    What are the Macrorit Data Wiper Enterprise Solutions

    Data Sanitization methods are recommended by International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and National Institute of Standard Technology (NIST, also National Institute of Science and Technology). So many enterprises are looking for methods of securing sensitive and confidential data related to business or federal government.

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    How to Secure Erase VMware Virtual Disk

    This page is not talking about how to delete all snapshots in VMware or delete partitions, no matter its GPT or MBR partition on the virtual disk. It's actually sharing how to secure erase VMware disks so that recovery software cannot find traces of the previous data.

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    How to use Lexar Jumpdrive format Tool Macrorit Partition Expert

    The Lexar Jumpdrive becomes slow on file transferring and Windows keep warning me the flash drive had errors, weird errors on it, some of the video files crap out and the shows wrong date on the files I just copied from File Explorer; Sometimes Windows cannot recognize this USB drive unless you rebooted or tried other USB ports;

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    A Disk read error occurred, Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to restart

    This error message occurs when bootable USB was built and set boot from it in BIOS, especially when hard drives get error, this warning will continues. We can fix this problem third-party partition software, and Macrorit Partition Expert with ease us on how surface testing.