Resize Windows 10 partition without losing data

Before we use partition magic free software to resize partition in Windows 10, there're other steps to do the same job with a little more steps: copy partition or volume first, and delete partition to make space unallocated, and then you are able to extend volume in Windows 10 snap in disk management. If you don't delete volume to make space next to C: Drive or other Drive you want to extend, Extend Volume Will gray out. Here is the way to resize partition in Windows 10 without deleting any partitions.

  1. Download Partition Magic Free Software – Partition Expert; Install it and Run;
  2. Click on a partition with much free space, and then click Resize/Move Volume from the operation list or just right-click to select it. This Function is often used, so you can get use to that after a while
  3. Drag the handle on the left, or the right- and move the whole partition to the end, it's easy to understand: we first make some free space, unallocated space, from this partition; those steps are also use to shrink partition
  4. Merge unallocated space; click on C: Drive or system partition, or any other partition running on low disk space; Click Resize/Move Volume again
  5. Drag the handle on the right to the end and merge unallocated space; > OK; > Commit;

Check Screenshots of resizing partition in Windows 10 without data loss.

shrink partition
Shrink Volume in Partition Expert

In this way, we had our C: Drive extended. From the above steps, we first shrink one large size partition to make unallocated space, and we extend system partition with this unallocated space. Disk Management can also shrink volume, but in the end of the partition instead of the head of it. So it's not possible to extend volume a head of the partition you shrank, Partition Expert is able to do so even when unallocated space is far from system partition with Resize/Move Volume Function

Extend Volume in Partition Expert

Partition Magic Free Software extends partition like the above steps, if you resize partition only to extend partition in Windows 10, you can try to Use our new product Partition Extender to do it with ease. Check how to extend system partition when C Drive is full

During above steps, we didn't delete any partitions to make space unallocated, so you can resize your Windows 10 partition without data loss, that's also others do. What they didn't do to keep data intact is that: they never considered emergency situations like suddenly power-off during partitioning, virus attack during resizing progress, blue screen occurs when shrinking partition, and system gets freezing after Windows 10 anniversary update. What if all those happen, how to resizing partition without losing data? How to keep data safe? They never considered those,

But we did, Partition Expert with its unique technology:Disaster-protection to protect data even when emergency happens. With all the disaster may happen to your partitioning progress, Partition Expert will automatically run Disaster-protection program when you are using it.

Along with its cancel-at-will program, users are able to redistribute disk space even when the previous operations are running.