Create Partition Server 2012

"We couldn't create a new partition server 2012"

When you are creating partition in Windows Server 2012, an error message says: We couldn't create a new partition… Microsoft has an official guide on how to solve this problem in diskpart command lines, here is the link:

You can use this guide when Windows Server 2012 could not create partition

"We couldn't create a new partition server 2012" screenshot:


This guide from Microsoft can also be used to create extended partition in Windows Server 2012

Create GPT Partition Server 2012

Steps are alike to create GPT partition in Windows Server 2012, but some disks are MBR, so before we create GPT partition we need to Convert MBR to GPT disk, there's are two ways to do so: command prompt diskpart and Partition Expert Convert to GPT Disk Function.

Diskpart to convert MBR to GPT

  1. Type CMD in Win+R opened Run Box; and then type:
  2. diskpart
  3. list disk
  4. Sel disk ###
  5. clean
  6. convert gpt
  7. exit
  8. exit

Partition Expert to Convert MBR to GPT disk

  1. Right-click on the disk you want to convert in Partition Expert;
  2. Select 'Convert to GPT Disk', OK, and 'Commit'.

Here is the screenshots of converting MBR to GPT disk

Server 2012 Resize System Partition Software Download

Create Partition Using Partition Expert

Besides the command prompt diskpart method to create partition in Windows Server 2012 with different command lines, Partition Expert Server Edition can create Server Partition with ease and you can do more in this software on create partition requirements.

Steps to create partition in Partition Expert

  1. Run Partition Expert, click on unallocated space;
  2. Select Create Volume from the right-click menu;
  3. Resize new partition by dragging the handle on both sides;
  4. Directly Click OK if you want to create new partition with all unallocated space;
  5. Click Commit in the main interface and Partition Expert will do the job for you.

Check the Screenshots of creating partition in Partition Expert