Extend C Drive on Windows 2003 Using diskpart or partition software

by Jane / Monday, October 17, 2016 / PUBLISHED in Partition Magic Server

Windows Server 2003 was an old version of Windows System, but still owns a lot of fans in small business companies worldwide. Some users make think it out of date due to the limited functions in disk management, but it's the most cost-effective Windows Server System if you know how to extend C Drive with third-party partition magic server software. Macrorit Partition Expert Server Edition is the one we're going to introduce.



Steps to Extend C Drive with Partition Expert

1. Download Partition Expert, install and Run it;

2. Click D Drive and Resize/Move it;

3. Drag the left handle to shrink D Drive, and click OK;


4. Click C Drive and Resize /Move Volume, drag the right handle to the end;


5. Click OK and Commit.


Extend C Drive Windows 2003 Using Diskpart

Windows 2003 extend C Drive free tool, diskpart.exe, the command line in server system, requires a bootable CD/Disc to extend system partition, here's guide on how to extend C Drive using diskpart in Windows Server 2003:

  1. Run Disk management in Server 2003, we'll make sure if there's continues unallocated space to C Drive first. If there's no unallocated space followed C Drive, you have to delete D Drive: right-click on D Partition, and select "Delete Partition" from the menu, of course, backup everything before delete.
  2. Check if C Drive is NTFS or not, because Diskpart.exe only works on NTFS partition if you want to extend C Drive. If it's FAT32, it's better to reinstall server rather than reformatting it.
  3. When you get those two steps ready, insert Windows Server 2003 Bootable CD, and reboot, boot from CD, choose diskpart command prompt, and type the following commands:
    1. list vol
    2. sel volume #
    3. extend size=#
    4. exit.

Or you can see more info from Microsoft,

Extend C Drive Windows 2003 Dell

"There are third-party tools that can extend the boot partition in Windows Server 2003 and do not require the unallocated space to be completely contiguous, but this article addresses extending a C: partition that is running out of space using resources that are built into Windows. The procedure in this article will work in later versions of Windows Server, but it is generally unnecessary, as those versions offer the option to extend the boot partition within the OS using the Disk Management console."-Guide from Dell

Homepage of Dell guide on how to extend C Drive, the mention third-party partition software will do the same job with ease and comfort, in fact, server partition software are more convenient, because you can extend C Drive without losing data, you don't have to delete partition D or take much time to back up the partition next to C Drive, Partition Expert will managing only free space when you want to extend partitions.

If you cannot extend C Drive in Windows 2003 with diskpart or disk management, try this server partition software: Partition Expert Server Edition.