Free Partition Resizing Software Download for Server 2003

by Jane / Friday, October 21, 2016 / PUBLISHED in Partition Magic Server

Windows Server 2003 and SBS 2003 disk manager don't have options to resize partition, so partition resizing software is needed when low disk space often happens to C Drive. Extend C Drive in Dell server for example, 12GB maybe enough years ago, but not enough for recent use. Since there's no resize volume in server 2003 disk management, we'll guide on how to use partition software solving C Drive Running of space problem in Windows Server 2003


Server Partition Shrink Software, Partition Extend Software, and move partition software.

As server partition resize software, Partition Expert can easily shrink partition , extend partition and move partition without losing data in Server 2003, besides, Partition Expert provides minimum server downtime when rebooting is needed, which best benefits serve users and saves a lot time in the whole process. Check the following links on:

Free Download Software to Resize NTFS Partition

Windows Server 2003 diskpart command line is the only tool to extend C Drive before server partition software come into being. But Diskpart command prompt only supports NTFS file system, not FAT32, if you're using FAT32 on server system partition, you have to reformat C Drive to NTFS, and reinstall server system again to run diskpart. I think you will not reinstall server again but turn to partition tool.

Luckily, Partition Expert can resize both FAT32 partition and NTFS partition, so, in order to make resizing server partition easy and convenient, third-party partition software is needed especially when you're running server system on FAT32 partition. NTFS to FAT32 converter is another freeware we provide to convert NTFS to FAT32 without data loss if you need FAT32 more than NTFS.

Free Software to Resize Partition in XP

Windows XP has the same core in Windows Server 2003, thus Partition Expert works well in both systems. Resize partition in XP steps are the same on Server, free partition magic alternative software Partition Expert is still the best option for Windows XP. Even now Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP, Partition Expert with its disaster-protection program will still secure data for you.