Extend Partition in Windows Server 2012

A lot of things might be done in Windows server, sometimes partition spaces may not be enough to do more things, and you can use Macrorit to extend partition in Windows Server 2012. This is very useful when you do it on operation system (OS) partition. If OS partition is low disk space, pc will run very slow, work or game will be affected (if you found data loss, to do a scan is recommended), it often happens when pc runs many apps. To extend partition become essential. You may ask me: Since it's important, how can the built-in disk management cannot extend? That's why I write this passage, the order you run "diskpart", does not have this function.

To extend partition means adjust partition size between partitions, extend from head partition or tail partition, take the follow picture as an example,

extend H partition for example

If you want to extend H partition, there are 3 ways to extend our partition make operations on F partition or G partition, (often used to extend C partition/Operation System partition)
First, let's do it on G partition. Resize/Move partition on the head of G, change the size you want to extend, 50Gb for instance, then resize H partition, drag the handle to the tail of 50Gb, to commit;

resize G partition

The second methods is resize F, the tail of F should move to left with 50Gb, which will be used in H partition.

final step of extending H partition

The 3rd way to extend is, 25Gbfrom F partition and 25 GB from G partition. OK, it's time to extend our target partition.