Disk Management

by Jane / Wed Jan 03 2018 / UPDATED in Partition Magic Server

Disk Management is the default partition managing tool for Windows, in this page, we listed some resources that related to this system utility, you can find more info on what partition names are and what they’re used for, also other info are included.

When running Disk management, we can see many partition names: recovery partition, reserved partition, primary partition, logical partition, OEM partition and many others. What’re these partitions for? Is it safe to delete them? Read More

As time goes by, Server system partition - C drive space becomes less and less and eventually runs out of space, which may cause computer getting slower and slower. And what ridiculous is that the secondary partition D drive may have plenty of space available. Is there a safe solution to move free space from one partition from another so that we can easily extend the system partition?Read More

In Windows Disk Management console, disk partitions can be resized, formatted and deleted. How to open Windows Disk Management? Is it different in various Windows system, like Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10; are there any shortcuts to run this tool; how can we find Windows Disk Management alternative when it fails to extend volume? Read More

Extend C Drive in Windows 10 is needed after Windows 10 anniversary update, which fixed login freezing bug on August 31, if the patch they released this time cannot make your system boot faster or apps run smooth, then it must be the low disk space issue slows down new Windows 10 performance, it’s time to Extend C Drive in Windows 10…Read More

If you have unallocated space on your hard drive, it’s ok to create partition with it without data loss, but if you have no such space available, you have to split exist partition into partitions, in Windows 10 Disk Management, Delete Volume is the function you shall use, which will not keep data when operating. We’ll guide you how to partition hard drive without data loss in this page…Read More

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