Change Drive Label in Command Prompt

Change Drive label from local disk # to whatever you want is necessary when you have many partitions to manage. In this page, for example, I would like to change my four partitions: Local Disk C: E: F: to System, Tools, Programs, there's no need to change drive label in registry, Follow my steps:

How to change drive label in Command Prompt

  • 1. Press WIN key or click start bottom, type CMD, run cmd.exe as administrator. It's required to run it as administrator to change drive label.
  • 2. Type label C: System, Press Enter; > Type label E: Tools, Press Enter; > Type label F: Programs, Press Enter;
  • 3. Double click This PC on desktop to check new labels.
  • cmd_change_drive_label

Change Drive Label in Partition Expert

  • 1. Run Partition Expert, click C partition, click Change Label,
  • 2. In the new dialog window, type System, click OK
  • 3. Do the same operations to Partition E: and Partition F:
  • mde_change_drive_label

Change Drive Label in Windows Explorer

Change Drive label in Windows Explorer is very often used by most of us.

  • 1. WIN+E to open Windows Explorer.
  • 2. Click Partition C: not double click, just single click, Press F2,
  • 3. Type new name to it.
  • explorer_change_drive_label

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